Single Subject Diplomas

Single Subject Diplomas

(International Single Diplomas)


These diplomas are designed for those students who wish to study individual subjects that are most relevant to their education and career needs. Depending on their circumstances, certain students prefer to take one (or two) module(s) at a time. We have made this facility available to those students who do not wish to take complete programmes or group diplomas. For example, if you wish to take only Advertising and Promotion which is a mandatory module for the award of a Group Diploma for Level 5 Marketing Management, you may do so by registering for only that particular subject.

A student will be awarded a single subject diploma upon successful completion of each module. A group diploma will be awarded for the successful completion of all relevant modules that contribute to the complete programme.


The following can be taken as single subjects:

Provided as standard:

Free Study Materials

We supply IPED course materials free of charge. Our study materials, which offer quick learning start, are comprehensive, use simple English, and are easy to read and understand. The contents are so sufficient and self-explanatory; that in majority of cases readers do not require further support; although support is always available when you need it.