Is IPED UK a University

Is IPED UK a University?

The Institute for Professional and Executive Development - IPED - UK is [not] a university, nor a university college. We are an Examining Organization. We offer Single Subjects with the option of consolidation into respective Group Diplomas. We do [not] issue Degrees. Our Group Diplomas are Degree equivalent, not Degrees. Learners are [not] obliged to consolidate their respective Single Subject awards into Group Diplomas. The choice to do so is entirely up to the individual learner.

Our courses are delivered through approved partner tutorial colleges in a traditional classroom environment. Using modern IT systems, our courses can also be delivered through distance learning. We have an online library of extensive learning materials that can be securely accessed by registered learners.

Copies of our assessment materials, including a sample IPED study material are readily available on this website for review, where required.

If you are looking for Single Subject Diploma courses leading to the award of respective Group Diplomas; then you are at the right place. If you are looking for a Degree programme, then you are not!

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We are the Institute for Professional and Executive Development - UK. We offer educational services to students and organizations both in and outside the United Kingdom. Our vision is to promote and deliver quality academic and professional training through the integration of stakeholders and through continuous improvement.