About us

About us

We are the Institute for Professional and Executive Development - UK. We assess, certify and empower people in their professional development. We are an examining organization based in England. We offer educational services to students and organizations both in and outside the United Kingdom. Our vision is to promote and deliver quality professional training through the integration of stakeholders and through continuous improvement. 

Each year we equip many people worldwide with the skills and recognition they require for their career advancement and professional development in various fields such as Business Administration and Strategic Management, Project Management, Oil and Gas Management, Human Resource Management, Banking and Finance, Security and Risk Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management and Health and Safety Management.

Our focus: Total Quality Management and Continual Improvement.

Our vision and Objectives


  • To promote and deliver quality educational training through the integration of stakeholders and through continual improvement.


  • To offer quality educational programmes and services through the integration of stakeholders in our business and decision making processes, whilst investing time and resources into effective organisational improvement strategies/practices to facilitate the attainment of our goals.

Aims and objectives:

  • It is our aim to become an organization of choice for the finest home and international applicants.

  • It is our objective to provide effective orientation and induction for users of our courses.

  • It is our aim to ensure all learners are offered the skills, knowledge and attributes to succeed throughout their studies.

  • We aim to offer programmes of study and methods of assessment designed to ensure rounded intellectual development, creative thinking and the creation of independent learners.

  • To launch learners successfully into their chosen world of work or future academic study.

Our history and more

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Organization and Governing Structure

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Fully recognized in the UK

The Institute for Professional and Executive Development (IPED) – UK is recognized in the UK by Training Qualifications UK (TQUK). TQUK is an awarding organization recognized by the regulator. IPED – UK courses will be endorsed in the UK by TQUK. There is arrangement for TQUK to issue certificates to eligible IPED – UK learners. TQUK and IPED-UK certification will present a unique learning and awarding experience to IPED – UK students, as two experienced educational organizations (IPED – UK & TQUK) will be involved in the learning and assessment processes. Our TQUK reference number is: C001375.