Is IPED accredited?

UK Recognition

Yes, IPED is fully accredited. IPED is recognized in the UK by Training Qualifications UK (TQUK). TQUK is an awarding organization recognized by the regulator. IPED – UK courses are to be endorsed in the UK by TQUK. There is arrangement for TQUK to issue certificates to eligible IPED – UK learners. TQUK and IPED-UK certification will present a unique learning and awarding experience to IPED – UK students, as two experienced educational organizations (IPED – UK & TQUK) will be involved in the learning and assessment processes. IPED recognition/accreditation with TQUK has the reference number is: C001375.

Please note that:

We are not a university, nor a university college. We are an Examining Organization. We offer Single Subjects with the option of consolidation into group diplomas. We do not issue Degrees. Our group diplomas are degree equivalent, not degrees. Our courses can however, be delivered through approved partner tutorial colleges, either in a traditional classroom environment or online.

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