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Our professional courses have been designed for school leavers; those looking to enter desirable careers, undergraduates/graduates; those looking to add professional touches to their university education, workers/job seekers; those looking to enhance their resumes or simply update or refresh existing knowledge; and also for any other individual who simply has passion for learning and is able to do so. We guarantee a hassle free registration onto your course of choice, and an enjoyable learning experience. Should you have any concerns during your time with us, we will always be available to help.


Professional education has become an integral part of today’s learning and work environments. IPED professional courses are taken to:


  • Enhance the learner’s employability upon successful completion;
  • Enhance the learner’s academic progression in related field(s) upon successful completion;
  • Offer personal professional growth to the learner upon successful completion


We offer one of the most cost effective and quality oriented training solutions, through the use of modern information technology resources, subject experts and recent curriculum and course contents.


How you will study…

You can study privately with us through distance learning, where you are given access to your comprehensive and self-explanatory printable study materials via our secure online library;

… Or you can study with a partner centre, depending on your circumstances and/or location.

You can study a full/complete professional programme for example Level 4 Diploma in Oil and Gas Management; or you can study single subjects, for example Single Subject Diploma in Petroleum Geology, depending on your circumstances. Depending on their circumstances, certain students prefer to take one (or two) module(s) at a time. A student will be awarded a single subject diploma upon successful completion of each module. A group diploma will be awarded for the successful completion of all relevant modules that contribute to the complete programme.


Study materials and support

We supply IPED course materials free of charge. Our study materials, which offer quick learning start, are comprehensive, use simple English, and are easy to read and understand. The contents are so sufficient and self-explanatory; that in majority of cases readers do not require further support; although support is always available when you need it.


Examination and certification

All assessments are unseen written examinations which are conducted at an approved venue or exam centre under clocked supervised conditions. If you are outside the UK, arrangements will be made for your exams to be conducted on our behalf by a reputable organization.

On successful completion of your exams, you will be certified by IPED – United Kingdom. Certification takes place in the United Kingdom, irrespective of where the exams is taken. Your certificate may be validated by a national or regional authority depending on existing arrangements.

Examinations are conducted in March, June, September and December. You can find exam timetables on our website. Deadlines for sending exam entries can be found on the bottom of each timetable. You can try your hands on sample questions by downloading them from our website. If you require mock exams prior to your main exams, you can contact administration to arrange this with a support staff at the prevailing rate.

>Releasing results: We aim to release exam results within eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks after examinations. In most cases we are able to release results well before this deadline. Certificates and transcripts will be sent out to you upon release of results. They may be posted directly or sent through an authorized IPED representative.

>Result disputes: From experience, we usually do not have to deal with result disputes. We always ensure that procedures are properly applied in producing candidate result(s) of assessment(s). However in the unlikely event, where you need to dispute a result, we have a procedure in place to handle it.


Programme Equivalence


Level of Programme

Comparable standard
Level 4 Diploma National Diploma
Level 5 Advanced Diploma Higher National Diploma
Level 6 Graduate Diploma Bachelor’s Degree


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