Is IPED accredited?


UK Recognition:

Yes, IPED is fully accredited. IPED is recognized in the UK by Training Qualifications UK (TQUK). TQUK is an awarding organization recognized by the regulator. IPED – UK courses are to be endorsed in the UK by TQUK. There is arrangement for TQUK to issue certificates to eligible IPED – UK learners. TQUK and IPED-UK certification will present a unique learning and awarding experience to IPED – UK students, as two experienced educational organizations (IPED – UK & TQUK) will be involved in the learning and assessment processes. IPED recognition/accreditation with TQUK has the reference number is: C001375.



Please note that:

IPED is not a university, nor a university college. IPED offers single subjects with the option of consolidation. IPED does not issue Degrees. IPED's group diplomas are degree equivalent, not degrees.