June 2020 exams postponement


We would like to first and foremost thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this
pandemic. We are aware that there has been easing of some (COVID 19 related) restrictions in a
number of countries. However, restrictions still apply in many instances regarding public gatherings.
Following a careful assessment of the current situation, a decision has been made to postpone June
2020 exams (which were due to take place on 22 nd , 23 rd and 24 th June 2020) to a later date. We are
continuously assessing the situation and will make this date known to you in due course.
The exams will be conducted when we believe it is safe to do so and absolutely in accordance with
respective government (issued) directive. For exams to be conducted in any given location, we (IPED)
must be able to satisfy ourselves that any directives given by the respective local or national
authority, clearly permit the conducting of such (professional) exams, and that there is no ambiguity
in the directives regarding the foregoing.
Please note that IPED is not a university (nor a university college) – we are professional examination
organization -; therefore, any directive, for example, advising final year students to return to school
in preparation for their exams, sometime in June 2020 will not be viewed by IPED, as being given
permission by government to conduct June 2020, for all the courses that we offer.

When will postponed exams be conducted?
Rest assured; any exams that have been postponed will eventually be conducted. Once government
gives an explicit directive for schools to re-open, which allows for professional exams such as IPED’s,
to be conducted, without any ambiguity, IPED will set dates for all exams that were not conducted to
be conducted. We will keep you duly updated on this issue.
We understand that some persons may want to sit for June 2020 exams, under the current
circumstances. Please bear with us. The safety of users of our courses remain our top – most
priority. In addition, we want to offer services that do not possibly go contrary to government

Thank you once again for understanding.
Be sure to stay safe.