The Institute for Professional and Executive Development (IPED)

We are an examining organization based in England. We offer educational services to students and organizations both in and outside the United Kingdom. Our vision is to promote and deliver quality professional training through the integration of stakeholders and through continuous improvement. 

Each year we equip many people worldwide with the skills and recognition they require for their career advancement and professional development in various fields such as banking and finance, oil and gas management, business, project management, marketing, health and safety management and HR.

Our focus: Total Quality Management, Differentiation and Continuous Improvement

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History, educational references and contacts

  • Founded as a professional development association in England, comprising academic professionals drawn from various UK educational institutions, our initial objective was to provide management professionals resident in the UK with knowledge and skills needed for their professional development. Most of our initial work centred on continuing professional development in the fields of Business, Finance and Energy Management.

  • Years on, we approached NCFE (formerly Northern Council for Further Education; an Ofqual regulated UK based national awarding body) to discuss a working relationship. In 2010, NCFE paid us a (audit) visit at our Carlisle Learning Resource Premises to undertake a site and systems audit.

  • IPED gained an unconditional approval from NCFE in 2010, in only one visit, following the site and systems audit. We possessed all the necessary human, physical (premises and equipment) and system resource requirements to gain unconditional approval from one of UK’s most robust national awarding bodies. We thereafter proceeded to participate in NCFE’s customized award for group diplomas.

  • Our NCFE number is 062290 (ref:IPED UK). Please note: Our relationship with NCFE applies to our UK operations only. Users of IPED qualifications outside the UK, are not eligible for NCFE certification; unless otherwise authorised by NCFE. A national or regional authority may need to authenticate your award, in the case of overseas qualification users.

  • We have also had entry with UK Learning Records Service – for the Unique Learner Number scheme.

  • In UK, we are able to deliver our own courses directly to users, in our capacity as a distance/tutorial/examining organization (without requiring third party outsourcing), parallel to being able to deliver courses from other awarding organizations depending on arrangements.  

  • In 2017, we focused our attention on the delivery of International Single Diplomas (also known as Single Subject Diplomas), which are easier and more flexible to administer and deliver. With ISDs/SSDs, the individual modules that make up our group diplomas are treated as unique individual standalone courses, and learners are certified for each module upon completion of that module, instead of waiting to complete the entire group diploma. Additionally in relation to organizations that wish to deliver Single Subject Diplomas from us, SSDs are extremely convenient and flexible. Because ISDs/SSDs are similar in nature to CPDs – Continuing Professional Development, especially in relation to users of our qualifications in the UK, this has greatly reduced our need for third party certification, unless at the group diploma level.

  • In 2011, we developed an international vision of delivering qualifications outside the UK. As a result, we became the first professional UK institute to obtain recognition from the Ghana Government (National Accreditation Board, Ministry of Education – Ghana) to deliver Oil and Gas Management courses (among others) from Level 4 Diploma to Level 6 Graduate Diploma.

  • We also work with the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board, Republic of Cameroon in the delivery and assessment of IPED courses.

  • Federal Ministry of Education - Republic of Nigeria* (we have contacted the Federal Ministry of Education to commence standardization of IPED qualification in Nigeria).  

  • IPED courses are also delivered in approved centres in Asia.


Our vision and Objectives


  • To promote and deliver quality educational training through the integration of stakeholders and through continual improvement.


  • To offer quality educational programmes and services through the integration of stakeholders (including staff, members, users of our programmes and services, and the general public) in our business and decision making processes whilst investing time and resources into effective organisational improvement strategies/practices to facilitate the attainment of our goals both in the short and long term.

Aims and objectives:

  • It is our aim to become an organization of choice for the finest home and international applicants.

  • It is our objective to provide effective orientation and induction for users of our courses.

  • It is our aim to ensure all learners are offered the skills, knowledge and attributes to succeed throughout their studies.

  • We aim to offer programmes of study and methods of assessment designed to ensure rounded intellectual development, creative thinking and the creation of independent learners.

  • To launch learners successfully into their chosen world of work or future academic study.

Useful Resources

External certification

UK based students and organizations may contact us to discuss their requirements with respect to external certification of programme(s) of interest. Additional fees are payable by the student or organization in addition to the regular IPED examination fees to process external certifications. 
External certification: This is a certification made by a third party UK awarding body. Such as NCFE UK, EDI. 
If you take your IPED course outside the United Kingdom, you will not qualify for this service. Your certification will be endorsed/validated by the national accreditation authority in the jurisdiction in which your course was taken.

Automated certificate verification

We value integrity of awards. That is why we have made certificate verification easier for users.
To check if a certificate was issued by IPED or one of our academic partners, please enter the certificate serial number. The serial number can be found on the top right corner of the certificate.

Grading system

Please select the link below to view explanatory notes about our grading system.

 Grading System